Trios Intra Oral Scanner (IOS)

The Trios Intra Oral Scanner (IOS) allows Dr. Jessen to provide a unique service for his patients and referring doctors.  He uses the Trios scanner to take a “digital impression” of a patient’s mouth and teeth, gum tissue.  After dental implants are placed, and adequate healing time as taken place, Dr. Jessen digitally scans the dental implant site.  The “digital impression” is more accurate, quicker and less cumbersome than the traditional impression. This eliminates the messy, runny impression process, as well as another appointment for the patient. The accuracy of digital impressions is amazing, digital impressions also allow Dr. Jessen to create custom surgical guides, TMJ splints, and Sleep Apnea splints.  The Trios Intra Oral Scanner is cutting-edge technology that greatly improves the patient’s treatment, surgery, and experience.

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The Trios Intra Oral Scanner is another cutting-edge technology equipment that Dr. Jessen provides that greatly improves patient’s treatment, surgery and overall experience.

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