i-CAT 3-D Imaging

i-CAT® is the newest member of the award-winning family of cone beam 3D imaging products. Designed to give specialists like Dr. Jessen the tools to place implants and perform oral surgery with greater confidence and lower radiation, this system’s innovative features deliver greater clarity, ease-of-use, and has greater control over field of view, dose and resolution. This will allow Dr. Jessen to obtain the information he needs while using the least amount of radiation possible.

Dr. Jessen can use this innovative technology to quickly and easily share 3D images of the area of concern with your dentist — allowing the doctors to collaborate on your care, improving your experience and helping deliver a positive treatment outcome.

Learn more about our procedures:

Wisdom Teeth

Dental Implants

Corrective Jaw Surgery

IV Sedation / Anesthesia

Oral Pathology

Bone Grafting

The i-CAT 3D imaging system allows and improves the precise placement of dental implants and information for other oral surgeries. This system’s innovation delivers greater clarity with lower dose of radiation.

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