A popular option many patients turn to when they need to replace missing teeth is dentures. Dentures can be a good option for people who aren’t candidates for dental implants, but still want to restore their smile. Dentures not only maintain your appearance, they can also keep you healthy. People with dentures are able to speak better and eat normally, unlike people without teeth, whose facial muscles begin to sag over time. Dentures are made to look like your natural teeth, so that you can maintain the beautiful smile all your friends and family know and love.

Jessen Oral Surgery in Ogden offers patients a variety of denture options to meet their unique needs. These include:

Overdenture: This option is used when the patient still has teeth that can be saved. The dentures are applied over these teeth to help maintain stability and preserve the health of the jawbone.

Immediate: Immediate dentures are inserted into the mouth on the same day that teeth are removed. In a prior visit, your oral surgeon will take measurements to make a model of your teeth, so that your dentures resemble your natural teeth. By choosing to have immediate dentures, you avoid being without teeth during the healing process.

Conventional: Conventional dentures are the most common form of dentures, which are placed in the mouth after the teeth have been removed and the tissues have healed.

Getting accustomed to dentures can take several weeks as your mouth and jaw adjust to them. You may experience increased salivation, soreness, and some minor irritation, but these symptoms should go away. After receiving dentures, it is important to remember to keep good oral hygiene habits, which keep mouth tissues healthy and the dentures in good condition.

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