Corrective Jaw Surgery

What is orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery? You can find out everything you need to know about about this kind of oral surgery procedure below.

Patients require orthognathic surgery when one or both of their jaws are misaligned due to either excessive overgrowth or undergrowth during jaw and tooth development. This misalignment results in teeth which don’t seem to fit together properly. The goal of orthognathic surgery is to correct this mismatch of the jaws and teeth. Not only will this allow the teeth to meet correctly and function properly when you are eating and chewing your food, but also corrective jaw surgery has the added benefit of improved facial appearance and symmetry.

However, it is important for you to know that corrective jaw surgery is not solely an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics, although incredibly valuable, won’t be able to correct jaw mismatch by itself. The goal of orthodontics is to correct the crowding of teeth and abnormal tooth angulations and rotations. Jaw misalignment has to do with the actual bone structure of your jaw, which means that, unfortunately, orthodontics cannot correct an abnormal jaw position by changing the position of your teeth. Only orthognathic surgery can fix misaligned jaws. In summary, orthodontics corrects abnormal tooth position; orthognathic surgery is a corrective jaw surgery that corrects abnormal jaw and bone position using and is separate and distinct. If you need this type of jaw surgery Jessen Oral Surgery in Ogden and Clinton can help you.

What Are Symptoms Of Jaw Misalignment?

Corrective Jaw Surgery ProcedureWhat are typical symptoms that may result from misalignment of the jaw? Different misalignments in a jaw’s position can produce different symptoms, but you can keep your eyes out for the following warning signs of a misaligned jaw. Common problems associated with misaligned jaws include:

• Difficulty in biting and chewing food
• Chronic jaw or TMJ pain
• Breathing problems
• Speech problems
• Abnormal wear and tear on teeth

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