Bone Grafting

Please contact our office or call us at (801) 845-8909 if you have additional questions regarding information concerning bone grafting. Following a tooth extraction, the jawbone around the extraction site can atrophy, which can reduce the chances of a patient being a candidate for dental implants.

When this happens, an oral surgeon can grow bone where needed, known as bone grafting, to make the bone viable for dental implants and restore the structure and functionality of the bone. The bone graft procedures performed at Jessen Oral Surgery include:

Sinus Lift Procedure

For patients who need dental implants in the back section of their upper jaw, an oral surgeon may elevate the sinus membrane and place a bone graft on the sinus floor.

Ridge Augmentation

In some extreme cases, the ridge along the gums has been reabsorbed by the jawbone and surrounding tissue. In order to increase the height of the ridge and relieve the problem, a doctor may use a bone graft.

Nerve Repositioning

When placing dental implants in certain patients, an oral surgeon may need to make room for the implants, by moving the inferior alveolar nerve (the nerve which gives the chin and lower lip feeling).

Depending on the patient’s case, one or more of these bone grafting procedures may be performed separately or together, depending upon the individual’s condition. In the maxillofacial region, bone grafts can be taken from inside the mouth, in the area of the chin or third molar region or in the upper jaw behind the last tooth. The bone grafts generally come from inside the patient’s mouth, but synthetic grafting can be used as well.

Bone grafting procedures are performed under IV sedation, and patients should plan on taking bed rest for the first day after the procedure and limited physical activity for one week after. If you would like additional information regarding the bone grafting procedures at Jessen Oral Surgery, please call our office in Ogden and Clinton.

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