All-On-4 / Smile Transformations

If you are missing teeth, struggling with the fit of dentures, or you are looking for a new smile. The All-on-4 surgery is for you. Dr. Jessen provide this surgery in 1 location (his office) and in 1 day. Actively losing and missing teeth can affect your oral and overall health, life and profession. This is unfortunate. In the United States alone there are 25 million people missing all their upper and lower teeth. Dentures do not fit well and can be cumbersome, with eating all the food you enjoy, speaking in public, and overall confidence. With the placement of 4 dental implants, all your teeth on either the top or bottom or the complete full mouth can be replaced. Dr. Jessen will place the dental implants, our dental lab partner will make new teeth as well as your general dentist will be at our office, providing the care and treatment you deserve. This partnership and expertise ensure your comfort as well as the desired outcome for you new smile.

Why Choose This Treatment?

  • Surgery, placement of new teeth all done in 1 day and 1 office.
  • This surgery replaces all teeth that are decayed, discolored misshaped with desired look and feel of a new health smile.
  • The new smile looks wonderful, the new teeth are strong, stay in place and function like or better that old teeth.
  • The new teeth are fixed in place the day of surgery. They teeth do not slide or slip out of place, they are fixed.
  • You can eat the foods you desire (nuts, breads, meat) healthy food (after healing time).
  • This surgery can preserve bone as well as the jawbone.
  • The long-term solution is the best value and permanent. No constant paying for short-term solutions to patch teeth together.
  • Gain up to 95% of you natural biting surface.
  • The All-On-4 dental implants do not move nor do the teeth that are attached. The new smile is secure. The new teeth will not hinder your speech or your lifestyle.

Dr. Jessen is an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon with years of experience and training as well as a leader in the All-On-4 surgical procedures. With the 4 perfectly placed dental implants placed in the bottom or top arch or the full mouth.  Your living bone in your jaw will fuse to the titanium screw and become even stronger and healthier.  This is the excitement behind the All-On-4 surgical procedure.  Your new smile will be long lasting and strong and give you the confidence that your teeth will not fall out or slip while eating or speaking.  This is a permanent fixture.  A beautiful smile that is yours for a lifetime.  Jessen Oral Surgery partners with the dental lab and your general dentist for the complete care, from start to finish.  This guarantees you the best care and follow-up care, no question or detail will go unnoticed or missed.  We with our partners will all be here for you and your health.

I am very glad I had this procedure. The final outcome has been wonderful. After wearing dentures for so many years, and being so self-conscious, I was ready for a change. Having dental implants and a secure new permanent smile and teeth has been life changing. I am able to eat, laugh and smile in public without feeling embarrassed. I am such a more confident and happier person. I have changed my attire as well as my hairstyle to match my new teeth. Thank you, Dr. Jessen, for making a huge difference in my life as well as improving it.

Janet Z.

I feel great and am so blessed the past year having my new smile and to be able to feel more comfortable with and around people. Everyone at Jessen Oral Surgery were so nice to me. It feels great to be able to chew my food, I have been missing teeth for so long. I love to get so many compliments on my smile and how happy I look. Thanks again, Dr. Jessen and the staff at Jessen Oral Surgery. Here’s to my healthier and brighter future with my new smile.

Jack B.

I’ve had such a wonderful experience, even with a small amount of discomfort. I smile and laugh without covering my mouth with my hand. My friend asked if I would have the procedure again. Absolutely! I am looking forward to getting the All-On-4 on my lower jaw. Thank you, Dr. Jessen, for listening and caring.

Elizabeth O.

I expected a lot more pain the I felt. My teeth feel and look great, I have no more discomfort and embarrassment. I now can enjoy a good steak dinner and eat in front of friends and family. I enjoy smiling and laughing in public now. Thanks Dr. Jessen.

BerDean E.

All on 4 Dental implants with fixed permanent denture – Full Smile Transformation

I feel great and blessed the past year with my new smile and to be able to feel more comfortable with and around people.

Everyone was so nice to me.

IT feels great to be able to chew my food. I have had missing teeth for so long.

I love and get so many compliments on how good they look and what a beautiful smile I have. I need to learn to smile more!

Thanks again, I appreciate everything you have done. I can’t thank you enough. Here’s to my healthier and brighter future.

Jacki Britton

Connie Moon

Connie Moon Before

Connie Moon After

Connie Moon After

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Losing and missing teeth effects your health, bone and facial structure, lifestyle and self-esteem. An All-On-4 dental implant procedure can replace ill fitting dentures, decayed, broken teeth with a permanent, fixed beautiful smile. All-On-4 dental implants will improve your self-esteem, you can enjoy eating all foods, and smile with confidence.

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