What Oral Surgery And Procedures Do We Do?

When you visit the offices of Dr. G. Shane Jessen, you can expect to be treated fairly and compassionately by all of our team members. We understand that for many people going to a dentist, or worse, an oral surgeon like Dr. Jessen, is one of the last things that you want to do with your time. You probably take your mouth and its health for granted most of the time, and you’d like to keep it that way. However, chances are that if you’ve found yourself here then something is wrong with your own dental health or with the dental health of a child or family member – and you need help. This is where the Ogden oral surgery experts at Jessen Clinic come in.

Dental work and dental procedures can be very confusing, especially with all of the jargon thrown around (What is an occlusion anyway?) and you might feel overwhelmed. One of our goals it to give you the oral surgery procedure you need so that you can get relief from the pain and problems you’re experiencing without any unneeded stress and confusion. An excellent first step to understanding a little more about the oral procedure you need completed and letting go of your stress is learning about them. Below you’ll find a bit of information on the oral procedures offered by Dr. Jessen, along with links for more detailed information about the oral surgery procedure we often do at our Ogden clinic.

Wisdom Teeth Removals

Wisdom teeth typically grow in to your mouth the last few years of your adolescence and used to help replace teeth that might have fallen out due to normal wear and tear or been removed by dental trauma. Today, thankfully, you probably live a life that is much kinder on your teeth and haven’t lost many of them since your adult teeth started growing. Unfortunately, that means that your wisdom teeth are now coming in and pushing against your other molars. This can be painful and lead to greater problems as time goes on if your wisdom teeth aren’t removed. Thankfully, Dr. Jessen and his team are experienced and expertly equipped to handle wisdom teeth removals at our Ogden oral surgery center.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are, quite simply, artificial teeth that are specially crafted in order to fit into your mouth after you’ve lost your natural teeth due to aging, decay, or additional trauma. However, if you’re worried about what your dental implants might look like, don’t be! Gone are the days of unsightly silver or gold implants. Instead, you will be given a titanium implant that will bond with your bone and you will have an aesthetically pleasing coating which will look just like one of your natural teeth. You can be confident that the offices of Dr. Jessen are experienced with dental implant oral surgery procedures and will be able to answer your questions and provide the care you need in order to get your own, natural looking smile back.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you have an overbite that’s causing you undue difficulty or affecting your confidence, corrective jaw surgery is an excellent oral procedure that can solve most of your problems, in addition to correcting trauma you might have experienced due to an accident. This oral procedure consists of realigning the jaw in order to correct the alignment between your lower and upper jaw and has the added benefit of giving you a more natural looking smile that will help improve your confidence.


Often times, when you receive an oral surgery or oral procedure you will need to have some kind of  anesthesia or IV sedation in order to eliminate unnecessary pain. Dr. Jessen is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon and has been administering anesthesia since his residency. His staff is also experienced with this oral procedure and will gladly help you understand what your particular procedure requires so that you won’t have to worry or stress. Dr. Jessen understands that dental work can be very stressful for many patients, and will make sure your particular needs are met.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is the process of identifying pathologies that have developed in your mouth so that they can be properly treated. This oral procedure can even include correctly identifying cancerous growths in your mouth in a timely manner so that you can receive the help you need. If you’ve noticed any sores, discoloration, or unexplained changes in the topography of your mouth, there is a good chance that you would probably benefit from this procedure, if only so you can set your mind at ease.

Bone Grafting

Occasionally you might need a bone grafting procedure in order to correct damage or decay that has occurred in your mouth. Such decay can come as a result of bone disease, cancer, decay from missing teeth, or other trauma from a car or auto accident. A bone graft can be a great way to combat these negative influences in your mouth, and there are several different kinds of bone grafting oral procedures depending on your needs, including sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, and nerve re-positioning. Dr. Jessen is experienced in this procedure and is ready to get you the help and relief you need.

The staff was absolutely amazing. We are from Chicago and passing through when my boyfriend had a dental emergency. The local dentist referred us to Dr. Jessen after he was unable to extract his teeth due to the horrible infection. We called in the morning and they were able to fit us in that afternoon. Everyone from the receptionist to the assistant and the doctor were wonderful.

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