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Surgery Cases

63-year-old male patient referred to Jessen Oral Surgery for evaluation of a soft white lesion located on the top of the tongue.  Dr. Jessen performed a hemiglossectomy on the tongue in a hospital setting with a local anesthesia. The tongue was sectioned with a specimen of the soft tissue taken and sent to the pathologist for a diagnosis. The pathologist determined the soft tissue with verrucous carcinoma.  The patient was notified and informed on the continued care and treatment needed.  Dr. Jessen referred patient to a partnering oncologist for treatment of his cancer.

18-year-old male was seen on an emergency call.  With an avulsion injury of the right ear.  The patient received a local anesthesia to the area.  The re-attachment required a multilayer closure.  Patient was seen for post-operative follow up care.

Healing progressed with no long-term adverse effects.